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April 17, 2019

Qamcom invests in Eicorn for long-term synergies

Qamcom Group is expanding its technology offering as the data-driven enterpriseignition company Eicorn AB joins the family. Eicorn specializes in helping large organizations succeed with innovation programs, venture investments and digital business transformation strategies, while Qamcom is a technology house in the practical application of almost any kind of technology project. Eicorn has developed a unique framework for evidence-based innovation and venturing. Simply put, a process for breaking out the logic behind successful innovation. An ideal complement for the Qamcom Group.

Combining Eicorn’s management consulting expertise with Qamcom’s resources, experience and knowledge capital, will deliver a completely new dimension to the united services, with Eicorn’s ability to develop and validate futuristic innovation strategies matched by Qamcom’s ability to execute them and ensure they become a functional reality. Furthermore, Eicorn is actively developing AI and Mixed Reality applications from a venture perspective, adding yet another interesting layer to the big picture.

“This investment not only strengthens our technology offering as a whole and improves our innovation validation, but it also gives us another perspective on our AI development and is a great opportunity to evolve the value that Qamcom Group delivers to its clients and stakeholders. Digitalization is a painful exercise for most industrial companies to undertake and it will require a f