Qamcom Group invests in advanced drones.

Qamcom Group invests in Intelligent Aerial AB that owns the Swedish drone company Airolit(previously CUAV) to position the group in this technology field. Airolit is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial-grade drones. Airolit has Swedish owners only, something that often is a strict requirement from many of the company’s high-end customers. The company has its roots in the Swedish drone company Pitchup, founded in 2011 that also is a part of Intelligent Aerial.

”We see an enormous potential in the drone field as a whole – especially when it comes to advanced industrial drones. The investment in Intelligent Aerial and Airolit is an opportunity for us to learn more and get a deeper understanding of the field. We also see this as a great opportunity to share our rare and broad technology expertise with Airolit. I am sure that we together can reach new and higher levels faster” said Johan Lassing, CEO of Qamcom Group

By being a niched drone company, with advanced UAV solutions, Airolit’s customers are found within defence departments, society services and other critical areas with extremely high requirements on safety, security and function. This means the highest standard possible, not only for the products themselves but also for everything around. All development in Airolit, from idea to R&D to manufacturing is therefore based in Sweden. Something that makes the company quite unique.

“We are a true Swedish solution-driven aerospace company and we welcome Qamcom with open arms. The investment by and collaboration with Qamcom Group is beneficial for us from two perspectives. Qamcom’s high-level expertise and experience will be a great contribution to our development. The fact that Qamcom is a Swedish technology company is also important for us, and especially important for our customers“said Thomas Fransson, CTO and founder of Airolit. “We look forward to push the boundaries even further within advanced drones together with Qamcom.”

Johan Lassing, CEO Qamcom Group
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