Qamcom announces partnership with and investment in Earin to enable new opportunities in the hearables space.

October 26, 2021

Leading Swedish Technology Specialists to Develop Next Generation of Hearables. The collaboration will bring together two well-known names in Sweden, Earin, known for creating the original True Wireless earbuds and a leader in audio devices, and Gothenburg-headquartered Qamcom, a specialist in transforming technology for everyday needs. The new partnership enables Earin to expand their business beyond OEM, with the two teams working side-by-side to develop new devices in the hearables space.

“Here in Sweden we like to consider ourselves a mini Silicon Valley, with so many interesting and innovative technology companies leading across industries,” said Johan Lembre, Earin CEO. “We incorporate our Swedish heritage into every aspect of our design process and are excited to collaborate both traditionally and non-traditionally with Qamcom who share our same sensibilities and vision. The co-operation will open-up opportunities to develop new hearable solutions on a consultancy basis to OEM customers. Further on with Qamcom’s knowledge across industries and Earin’s expertise in the hearable space, it will be possible to address new industry applications through the OEM customer.”

“At Qamcom we look to explore the value of technology for the greater good whether it be for society, industry or people,” said Johan Lassing, CEO of Qamcom. “Earin has been on our radar for several years now and I think our technology expertise and B2B-experience fused with their product expertise will create something really unique in the hearables space, creating a collaboration that will create improved hearing experiences for the consumer.”

Earin, the creator of the Original True Wireless, launched the A-3 – the smallest, lightest earbuds on the market today – earlier this year to critical acclaim. Engineered from the ground up with custom speakers that pump 20% more air than competitors, the A-3 feature an open design, allowing users to experience the highs and lows of the audio, while still being immersed in the world around them. Removing the protruding “stem” other earbuds have and a left-right designation for each earbud, the A-3 are as smooth as it gets.


Qamcom is a leading Swedish research and technology company with unique and deep competence within hardware, software and system development. Qamcom offers value-driven technology solutions, products and services in the fields of advanced signal processing, artificial intelligence, wireless communications systems, industrial IoT and system safety. Qamcom’s mission is quite simply to turn technology into value for society, industry and people. Based on insights and the needs of end users, Qamcom bridge the gap between technology and application to enable high ambitions for most industries and context.


Earin creates audio products of extraordinary quality for people who love music. Following one of the most successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns to date, the company was established in 2014 with a simple aim – to create high fidelity audio devices without compromise. Located in Malmö, Sweden, the dedicated team of audio technicians, engineers and industrial designers are continually exploring the potential of sound and technology. Earin wireless earbuds are dedicated to sound like no other. From the incredible acoustic detail and clarity, to the breathtaking immersive audio experience, Earin sets a new standard for wireless audio.


For more information regarding the collaboration:

Johan Lassing, CEO Qamcom Group
Phone: +46 (0)31 721 17 30
E-mail: Johan.lassing@qamcom.se

PR Contact Qamcom:
Christopher Ahlström,Brand and Marketing Qamcom
Phone +46 (0)708 45 71 21
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PR Contact Earin:
Cody Dano
360PR+ for Earin

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