Qamcom Group welcomes new strategic investors

– to stimulate sustainable growth and impact
September 15, 2022

Qamcom Group, the knowledge-driven technology impact-accelerator that recently celebrated its 20 years anniversary, welcomes external investors for the first time in the company’s history. This is a major event for the Gothenburg based tech-innovator that has invested a lot of time in finding relevant and strategic investors that can contribute to the development with more than monetary values.

The new investors are:

A successful Swedish engineer, innovator and one of the key figures behind one of Sweden’s greatest technology successes that will contribute to Qamcom Group with his experience within cutting edge technology.

A leading American communication company, led by two remarkable entrepreneurs, that will be an active investor for Qamcom Group, working for strategic collaborations and development.

A Swedish investment company led by a group of entrepreneurs that combines entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge and capital to accelerate growth, who will provide value to Qamcom Group from a network and business development perspective.

The added perspectives will add significantly to Qamcom Group’s possibility to grow and create impact in a sustainable way.

“To bring in external investors is quite a big step for us and we have been very careful in the process. First, we were looking for investors who really like us for who we are and what we aim for. Second, we wanted investors that understand our technology fields and the potential they bring. They also need to be able to add value from different relevant perspectives and contribute to our strategic development. Therefore, I am very glad that we found these three investors. In many ways I find them ideal, especially for the phase that we are in now – all contributing to our growth, innovation, business development and possibilities to create sustainable impact”, says Johan Lassing, CEO, Qamcom Group.

Qamcom Group offers a unique in-kind model that provides a complete business management portfolio and access to a large R&D department with cutting-edge technology expertise. The group consists of two types of companies, Capability Engines and Growth Cases – where the Capability Engines provide a competence pool with the purpose to enable faster growth and expansion for the Growth Cases. New perspectives and resources are welcomed to increase the potential and to create synergies.