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Redefining sustainability




Vegan protein through mechanical engineering

With the Librixer Technology you can extract vegan protein from legumes, metals from rocks, glass fiber from wind turbines or cotton from clothes.

Librixer’s solution disassembles objects to extract and sort the raw materials that the object is made of. The technology process is dry, fast and energy efficient without chemicals and zero emissions.

The Technology

You insert an object in one end of the Librixer machine, this could be a pea, a pair of jeans, a French oak barrel or a rock. The machine does its thing through a mechanical process, extracting and sorting the materials that the object is made of. In the other end you will have purer, raw material: vegan protein, cotton, oak powder or metals. With this sorted raw material you can either make new products or remake the products you already made.

The Impact

Librixer offers real sustainability by enabling refined, reduced, recycled and reused resources in several contexts. They call it a lean, clean antigreenwashing machine that will redefine sustainability.

Altogether creating a huge impact while not leaving any footprints.