A radar revolution




Enable new perspectives through detailed imaging

Sensrad offers a dynamic and static 4D imaging radar with unmatched performance and paradigm-changing perception. Through its cutting-edge technology it enables industrial autonomy, integrates easily into various fields and user areas, and works in all environment conditions.

The Technology

The Sensrad 4D imaging radar is a breakthrough in sensing technology, booking its place firmly as a next generation object detection sensor. With radar’s ability to perform in low visibility conditions, it is a device that cannot be ignored within the field of sensor fusion.

Data is collected using thousands of channels at fractions of a second to provide a high resolution, four-dimensional representation of the surrounding environment. The fourth dimension enables objects to be separated in elevation; a significant limitation of todays, in-service radar sensors.

The Impact

Sensrad changes the playing field when it comes to percieved limitations of radar sensors. Being able to support a variety of use cases such as off-road, indoors, high speeds and long range, Sensrad’s radars work where you need it to work. Combine this with its advanced perception capabilites it truly is a radar revolution.