Competence Engines

Qamcom Group is a knowledge-driven impact-accelerator for well-funded technology projects to enable high ambitions, speed up industrialization and an optimized route to market. Our in-kind model provides a complete business management portfolio and access to a huge R&D department with cutting-edge technology expertise. A perfect set-up for industry ventures, corporate spin-offs, early stage start-ups and other technology initiatives that want to reach the growth and expansion phases faster.


Qamcom is a leading research and technology company with deep competence within hardware, software and system development. Qamcom offers value-driven technology solutions, products and services in the fields of advanced Signal Processing, Industrial AI and IoT, Wireless Communication and System Engineering. Qamcom’s mission is quite simply to turn technology into value for society, industry and people. Based on insights and the needs of end users, Qamcom bridges the gap between technology and application to enable high ambitions for most industries and contexts.

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2550 Engineering

A wholly-owned star-filled engineering company within embedded systems, machine learning, radar systems and mechanical engineering.

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Layer 10

A software consultancy company with people focus, genuine interest and a variety of skills making technology human.

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Qamcom IPR

The part of Qamcom Group that handles intellectual property rights.

Our Growth Cases

We strive to create impact through technol